July 15, 2024

Renting the Right Event Venue: How to Choose Right?

Sometimes the most difficult part in planning and organising an event is getting the right venue. A venue that is chosen without enough consideration can a huge inconvenience – not having enough seats, guests having to endure all the bad weather conditions outside, no proper facilities or service; these are some of the issues that will come up. In order to ensure your even will go smooth, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing the venue. Take a look at the following to see what they are.

Get Your Guests List Right

The first thing in hosting a party is hosting it right. This means you have to make sure the venue can host or accommodate all the guests you are inviting. Include an RSVP option in your invitation. No matter how informal the event is and how informal the invite is going to be. Even if you are just sending a quick message on your group chat instead of an invitation, make sure that everyone responds and let you know if they are coming or not. To get the guest count earlier, start sending the invites as early as possible.


If you are choosing a venue it has to be easily accessible to everyone. So, if this is as something small like an intimate birthday party or an engagement party, not everyone will be willing to travel a long distance. So choosing function rooms Mildura will be more suitable than choosing a hall that is too far for everyone attending.

But if this is a formal event that you need to have out of town then you will have to see if the place you are choosing have accommodation for those who travel. You will at least have to arrange for facilities at a nearby place if the attendees need to stay overnight for the event.


Parking is an issue most party or event organisers face when they do not have enough preparation. Whether you are planning a small party and the venue is your house or a friend’s or relative’s house or you are planning a large event that will bring many guests, you need to ensure that there is enough space to park all the vehicles.

If there is no parking space at the venue, there are few solutions for you. One is that you can arrange parking at a different parking lot nearby. Two is check out for event discounts offered by cab services like Uber and encourage the attendees to use those services. If this a company event or a family event, encourage the attendees to travel with each other. This would also give them better time to interact before the event.


No event will be perfect if the venue does not provide any services that you looking for and you forgot to check it. So, when booking the place, make sure to check services like food and beverages, cleaning crew and organisers as well as audio-visual equipment.

If they do, you can communicate with them about the services you require like your menu options, the event agenda and what needs to be done before to prepare for the event, and when will you need any audio-visual equipment. If they do not have these services, you might have arranged separate catering services, an event planning team and get your own equipment with professionals to handle them.

Make sure the venue suits the event you are planning. This will give you the perfect event and will make your guests feel at ease too.

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