July 15, 2024

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a relatively recent evolution of marketing that makes use of digital technology such as television and internet to promote an organisation’s products and services. The shift in information transfer from written media to digital media occurred first with the invention of the television and then rapidly due to the invention of the internet. Today, digital marketing has a prominent place in the marketing strategy of any business and can be considered to be the most important facet of marketing. This is due the sheer number of users on the internet daily – over half of all people on Earth are online and increasingly use the internet to make purchasing decisions as well as gather information about products and services available. Marketing through the internet generally entails obtaining the services of various advertisement companies to place advertisements on websites and search engines. It also involves more conducting more persistent and ongoing marketing campaigns in the form of social media marketing. Companies often outsource the marketing function of their companies to service providers such as digital agency Brisbane, especially if the company is a start-up or has limited resources to devote to a fully functional marketing function.

Digital marketing is primarily used for B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing as opposed to B2B (Business to Business). This is true of almost any mass media marketing campaigns, but digital marketing allows businesses to be contacted by other businesses as well through websites and email. Digital marketing also allows businesses to stay in contact with their customers if required whereas traditional marketing only allows for one-way communication. Businesses can gather customer feedback and facilitate discussion in online forums through the internet and social media, which can create a following for the brand online and may facilitate other forms of marketing in the future if the organisation desires, such as influencer marketing.

There are several types of digital marketing carried out by marketing service providers, the most common being social media marketing, native advertising, search engine optimisation and other general web-based services, as well as video production for use in television commercials. As mentioned previously, social media marketing refers to the use of the data and networking capabilities of social media to raise awareness about a product or service offered by a company. It also allows businesses to engage with their customers, collect feedback and data for continued improvement of their products etc. Native advertising refers to sponsoring content or media on the internet such that unrelated content creators would advertise your company or product. An example for this is sponsoring YouTube or Twitch content creators to place an advertisement at the end of their videos. Search Engine optimisation refers to advertisement through search engines, which are the primary means of discovering new websites on the internet. The client organisation pays the search engine service provider a fee to ensure that their websites appear in relevant search results.

Digital marketing can be an extremely effective tool if utilised properly, and can give a competitive advantage, allowing even small companies to stay in competition.

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